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Lian Pham ideates and builds provocative, transformative solutions that shape extraordinary human experiences and help people access the power to control their own lives.


Assume nothing. Pursue everything. This – Lian’s modest strategy for all-things-business and all-things-life – drives her to create resources that are within reach of everyone. A trusted, established business leader and ardent social entrepreneur, Lian feels a deep responsibility to deliver solutions that improve communities and help others be their very best.

While in college studying marketing, Lian’s entrepreneurial spirit began to glow, and she started her first venture RentalWerks, an event management and rental products company where she worked in the trenches with her business partner and frequently traveled across the U.S. with Formula Drift running races and car shows.

Ready and eager to try something new and exciting, Lian co-founded Prohibition with her business partner Anh Mai in 2011. A roaring twenties supper club, Prohibition brought burlesque into the mainstream in Houston with “The Moonlight Dolls,” that grew so popular they had to move into a larger space in 2014. Prohibition now thrives as a combination supper club, theatre, and corporate event space.

In 2016, Lian co-founded Houston’s first food hall. Conservatory is an underground beer garden and food hall that features independent, local businesses with a large selection of craft beers as well as cider, mead, and whiskey. From ideation to site selection, and fundraising to vendor management, Lian continued to solidify her skills and stature as a disruptive entrepreneur. In 2017, she created Company of Nomads with her business partner to manage their growing, innovative enterprises.

Bringing the food hall experience through a true evolution, Lian co-founded Bravery Chef Hall. Launching into the Houston food and beverage scene in June 2019, Bravery Chef Hall is a chef-centric venture with 9,100 square feet of space, five kitchens, two cocktail bars, and a wine bar with wine on tap. Lian’s personal drive to support top talent and entrepreneurs acts as an opportunity factory for both community and national personalities, making Bravery Chef Hall a constant beacon for chefs, sommeliers, and various hospitality professionals, and inviting them to join the tribe and live their dreams.

Increasingly health-conscious and continuing her commitment to pioneering new experiences, Lian co-founded Railway Heights in June 2019. Railway Heights, scheduled to open 2020, will be Houston’s most unique market — featuring a farmer’s market with fresh local produce, a grocery store, a dog park, and much more. Supporting local retail vendors and implementing a program targeting food waste, Lian’s progressive impact on the well-being of the community continues.

Lian’s role as a mother of two has significantly changed her life and even her thinking about the world and what role she can play to make it better. Drawing from the foundational work ethic and moral compass that her parent’s imbued in her, Lian is always seeking new ways to create positive change.

In 2020, when the pandemic quashed her plans for Peak Space, a scientifically-advanced concept for well-being that included a biohacking ecosystem and advanced hotel and lifestyle space, in the blink of an eye Lian’s team pivoted the model to make Covid testing more accessible globally. Wellness 4 Humanity, which Lian co-founded with a small group of social entrepreneurs, has grown into a personalized wellness service.

Lian’s newest venture, klever, advances her ardent belief in a decentralized economy. Convinced that we no longer live in a world where we need to be led, Lian and her team developed a transparent and super-accessible platform that applies cutting-edge technologies, actionable NFTs (nonfungible tokens) and blockchain to grow and support a brand’s projects and communities. The klever app lets visitors see everything they’re buying into – empowering people to start their own companies, crowdsource without having to go through traditional financial institutions, or make decisions on their own investments.


Lian’s dust never settles. Throughout her career, she’s demonstrated that every challenge can be shattered.

When Lian sets an idea in motion, she tweaks and pivots until she hits that sweet spot of success. When the situation or environment changes, she pivots again.


✔ Klever - Investor Acquisition Agency focused on RegA+, RegCF, RegD, S-NFT, & Tokenization


✔  Wellness 4 Humanity - a personalized wellness service with a focus on making Covid testing more globally accessible




✔  Company of Nomads–is a talent and entrepreneurial incubator.  As market leaders creating trends that engage, excite, and empower — leads diverse, large-scale projects that nourish innovation.



✔  Railway Heights – Houston’s holistic concept for a farmer’s market, producer-to-store grocery, dog park, wine bar and specialty vendor booths



✔ Bravery Chef Hall (under development) – a chef-centric incubator showcasing the best food talent in Houston


✔ Prohibition Club – an elite dining, speak-easy and burlesque venue in the heart of downtown Houston


✔ Conservatory – Houston’s very-first food hall and underground beer garden


✔  Rental Werks -an event management and rental products company  frequently traveled across the U.S. with Formula Drift running races and car shows.


Joshua Johnson's interest in crypto all began back in 2016 when he was introduced to Abra. Learning about their innovations in cryptocurrencies challenged him to think about the potentials of bitcoin early on. Seeing, in 2017-2018, the efforts being made by Sinopharm in China within supply chain technology in healthcare inspired Johnson to connect what they were already doing at Sinopharm with the use of blockchain technology. 

With a mission to help communities worldwide, Johnson's current companies, Digital Value and FIN, are focused on creating a no-code template format for companies to connect their bottom line to the community. Digital Value is a smart contract template and data insights middleware company purposed to increase businesses' bottom line (money) and community (users). On the other hand, Financial InterNetwork (FIN) is geared towards the consultant side of scaling money and community tools. Building a platform that connects these two values is essential for success, so using smart contract templates makes it possible to combine these two cohesively, offering an easy way to scale both money and users anywhere. 

The next milestone for Digital Value is to take the Catalysts Community and connect it to the Marlowe Marketplace and to the rest of the internet via middleware. The same basic structure can applied to any chain.



✔ Digital Value- Connecting web2 to WEB3

Bitcoin Conference

✔  Wellness 4 Humanity - a personalized wellness service with a focus on making Covid testing more globally accessible


✔  Trustpass- allows users to quickly snap a picture of their test results via the test’s QR code, upload it to the TrustPass platform and manage the detailed information pertaining to their test results.



✔  Sinopharm- China's largest state-owned healthcare supply chain company

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